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Poshland AX-7000 Custom Gift Forged Carbon Steel Viking Axe with Rose Wood Shaft, Tracker Knife Included


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Introducing our Carbon Steel Viking Axe with Rosewood Shaft, complete with a bonus Tracker Knife, a formidable combination crafted for the modern adventurer. 

AX-7000 Custom Handmade Carbon Steel Viking Axe / Hatchet with Rose Wood Shaft, Viking Bearded Camping Axe - Beautiful Design. Over All Length = 22 Inches (Approx), Cutting Edge = 5.3 Inches Approx. Forged Carbon Steel Viking Axe also comes with custom Engraving, Etching and Carving having high quality. It is fully usable tool. Handle comes from Ash and Rosewood Tree. Shaft treated with oil. The cutting edge is forged. I I used Carbon Steel for its manufacturing And for the handle material I used Ash wood. The wood combines strength, flexibility and texture. The wood is selected carefully not for its texture, but also for the location of the wood so that the axe handle is not only harmoniously looked. But also strong enough. Handmade Durable Leather Sheaths Included. BUYING You must be sure and certify that you are 18+ of age and you are able to legally purchase and own an item and will use it responsibly