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Poshland Handmade Damascus Steel Knife - Bowie & Hunting Knife


We have run out of stock for this item.

Introducing our Handmade Damascus Steel Bowie & Hunting Knife, a testament to the timeless artistry and unparalleled craftsmanship of Damascus steel. The ergonomic handle, handcrafted from premium materials such as wood, bone, or micarta, provides a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring precise control and maneuverability in any situation. Whether you're navigating through dense foliage, dressing game, or tackling everyday tasks, our Bowie & Hunting Knife is up to the challenge.

1. Handmade D2 Steel 15.25 Inches Bowie Knife

2. Handmade Damascus Steel 13 Inches Bowie Knife

3. Custom Handmade D2 Steel 12.5 Inches Hunting Knife

4. Custom Handmade D2 steel 13 Inch Bowie Knife

5. Damascus Steel 15.25 Inches Bowie Knife

6. BC-85 Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Bowie Knife